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High Praise for Hobart Middle School Transformation

by Envoy News on September 2, 2009

With nearly a $12,000,000 budget and only 7 months to complete the renovation of what is to be the new Hobart Middle School, the stakes were set high, but were accomplished with vigor and praised by all.

The success of the project lead Hobart Superintendent, Peggy Buffington, to say, "The transformation is nothing short of a miracle." The swift completion of the renovation of the former high school into what can now be considered a 21st Century Middle School, is truly a magnificent accomplishment for the entire community of Hobart, especially the kids. Read more »

Danville Dedication and Open House

by Envoy News on March 9, 2009

Danville Community Schools had an amazing open house to celebrate the completion and occupation of the community's new middle school. The open house was held on Sunday, March 8th, 2009, at 2:00 pm.

The patrons of the community came out in droves to support the grand opening, and speakers ranging from Senator Connie Lawson and Representative Jeff Thompson all praised the building for its economical construction and swift completion. Read more »

Renovation of Former Hobart High School Ahead of Schedule

by Envoy News on February 9, 2009

Peggy Buggington, Superintendent for the School City of Hobart, commented that the renovation of their former Hobart High School "[is] moving fast and furious." Construction crews remain ahead of the August '09 projected finish date.
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Danville Middle Schoolers Move into New Building Early

by Envoy News on January 5, 2009

Danville School Corporation opened the doors ahead of schedule on their new 5, 6, 7 and 8 building. More than 400 seventh and eighth graders filed into the new building with just over 187,000 square feet. The building is considered a huge success because of the tax dollars saved with economical construction. Fifth and Sixth graders move in starting this coming school year. Read more »

New Hobart High School is Dedicated

by Envoy News on December 19, 2008

An estimated crowd of 5000 joined School City of Hobart Superintendent Peggy Buffington to dedicate the new Hobart High School. Here are a few articles from the local press: Read more »

Lake Central project $1M under budget

by Envoy News on November 19, 2008

The NWI Times reports that the Lake Central project $1M under budget due large in part to Envoy's construction management successes. Read more »

Lake Central Remodel 30% Under Budget

by Envoy News on November 19, 2008

The NWI Times reports that Lake Central officials are pleased with Envoy's results in saving the school corporation $600,000 on the High School renovation. Read more »